SkyWatch 9



Mjøsa is the biggest lake in Norway, the lake is 117 kilometres long and 365 square kilometer.



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  1. Nydelig, Rune! Ekstra fint med bølgen .. Happy Sky Watch, som du sier!

  2. Enig med Anne-Sophie, nydelig… flotte refleksjoner og farger.

  3. Wow!
    Love the depth, the colors are beautiful!
    Very nice.

  4. Fantastisk flotte farger og refleksjoner her ja! Vakker stemning 🙂

  5. It’s a beautiful lake, I’m sure it’s endlessly fascinating as a photography subject. Happy SWF.

  6. The warm colors over the water is purely wonderful.

  7. That is a gorgeous shot. Perfect reflection caught so well.

  8. Love the sky and the water. The colours look so warm…even though I know it must be cold in Norway right now.

  9. Wow!! Er det Skibladner som står i flammer langt bak i der??? Fantasisk himmel! Eia var jeg der og da 🙂

  10. Beautiful lake and sky colors.

  11. Men var du på den «rette siden» da du tok dette praktfulle bildet? 😉

  12. wow, that color is SO beautiful!

  13. Those colors are sensational. Very vivid and very beautiful!

  14. Oh my… that is gorgeous! I love the sun reflecting off the water and the color is amazing!

  15. …and one of the finest spots to view dramatic sunsets/sunrises, right? Lovely capture.

  16. Varme, nydelige farger. Du er så flink til å få bildene VAKRE! En nytelse å se på. Happy SWF!

  17. Hallo Rune,
    thank zou for this wonderful Mjøsa shot.
    Hilser Hartmut

  18. Gorgeous dramatic picture!

  19. Klapp klapp for denne eksponeringen. Veldig gode farger. Ha en solrik helg 🙂

  20. Vakkert!
    Ved Mjøsa har jeg tilbrakt mange somre. Har familie på de kanter!

  21. Great skywatch! The color and composition both are outstanding. Looking into the horizon, I almost feel it rushing toward me.

  22. Dagens vakreste,uten tvil!

  23. This scene looks very magical.

  24. Very pretty, Rune! I have some red skies today as well, from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
    Happy SkyWatching, it’s been a while.

  25. Great picture, fantastic colours and an impressive lake!

  26. Veldig vakkert bilde av Mjøsa! Nydelige farger og stemning!

  27. Since it is so big, it also provies great potentisl to reflest your most beautiful skies. Great shot!

  28. This is so beautiful! I am absolutely in love with this photo and with all sunsets for that matter! The reflection in the water is perfect

  29. Nok et herlig himmelbilde fra deg Rune. Nydelige farger. Artig med bølgen som bryter opp den ellers så rolige vannflaten.
    «Himmelfotograf» er herved din nye tittel 🙂

  30. What a beauty this is… I would have had to stand and stare and just enjoy the moment… thank you for sharing.

    Tom’s Sky Watch Pictures

  31. A great sky watch photo, the colors are just fantastic.

  32. Dette var ekstremt bra Rune.
    Hatten av!

  33. I love your photos. They are always so rich and beautiful!

  34. What beautiful and intense colors!

  35. Take my breath away. Beautiful… amazing… glorious…. the gate the heaven.

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