SkyWatch 19



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Have a nice weekend and SkyWatch 🙂




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  1. Bare en ting å si..det bildet var VAKKERT. De fargene da gitt!
    😀 😀

  2. Meget flott bilde og fint perspektiv.
    Happy Sky watch 🙂

  3. What a stunningly beautiful shot! Took my breath away! The clouds, the blue sky and all that lovely green! Terrific!

  4. this is an amazing shot!

  5. Det der er faktisk ganske «greathtaking»! Alldeles nydelig knipset, med en fantastisk dybde!

  6. Great choice for skywatch, a fantastic photo.

  7. Beautiful photo for Sky Watch Friday and thanks for sharing this very pretty view with us all. Love the simplicity of nature at its best.

  8. Wow I think the word for your photos today is:Amazing

  9. Vilken härlig bild. Färgerna är fantastiska. Den blåa himmlen mot det gröna gräset. Jättefint

    Ha en fin helg

    Gunilla in Sweden

  10. Amazing .. I can reach up and touch the sky

  11. This photo is perfect in every way, well done.

    Have a great weekend.
    Regina In Pictures

  12. Lekkert bilde, Rune.

    Får virkelig lyst til å gå ut på enga og rett inn i det! Men det er vel elektrisk, det gjerdet der nede, og sinte okser rett rundt hjørnet..

  13. Jeg er ikke så opptatt av diagonaler etc….. Men her er det gjerdet som «gjør» bildet med motsatt diagonal av himmelen. Synes jeg da. Pent!

  14. Himmelen som tak er det første som slår meg her!

  15. Et nydelig bilde, og som Svein sier, det gjerdet gjorde susen

  16. love this capture…looks like the cloud is bouncing off the hill…amazing.

  17. Det var himmeltitterbilde det. Herlig bilde:)

  18. Fantastisk bilde!! Likte den himmelen: sol, blå himmel og nesten skyfritt. Det kan eg leve med:) Veldig flott komponert bilde!

  19. Incredible! The clouds are so low to earth and even seem to be alive and growing! Dramatic shapes!

  20. Åååå vad det är vackert och som vanligt en alldeles fantastisk komposition på fotot.

  21. Så utrolig flott bilde. Ser jo nesten ut som om man kan strekke ut hånden å ta på skyene!!!

  22. ~the hills are alive~ what a lovely capture. one of my faves this week.

  23. The vertical hold really makes this a wow image. Those clouds look like they are moving so fast.

  24. Thank you for sharing this pretty view with us all in Sky Watch Friday.

  25. Again a beautiful Norwegian sky! Excellent photo! Thanks for your visit.

  26. Rune: What a neat sky to capture over the neat field.

  27. Great sky – looks like summer is on its way to Norway 🙂

  28. wow! what a beautiful place, love the green grass and the sky so blue with the cotton clouds!
    great shot!
    happy SWF!!

  29. Your low hanging clouds, although white, add a foreboding quality to the landscape as a whole. Nice shot.

  30. You must already know that this is amazing, but I say it anyway.
    This photo is amazing!

  31. Those clouds are beautiful. Great shot!

  32. Beautiful blue skies over the green hill!

  33. Utrolig flott vnkel på det hele, bakken og himmelen, enormt!!

  34. Great photo, and the colors complement each other. I stared at the picture just like I did at the clouds in my youth. Do you see the faces? I see the face of a dog or a wolf, a side picture of a rabbit’s head. Your picture brought back memories. Thanks for sharingt

  35. Lovely bright colours. Great photo

  36. What a beautiful picture and place.

  37. Härlig komposition!!

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