Watery Wednesday 1


A stormy photo from Mølen in Larvik – Norway

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  1. What an awesome display! It almost looks like the foam from the breaking wave froze solid in midair. And given the probably temperature where you took this, that’s not so much of a stretch I suppose.

    Great capture of a powerful force!

  2. What an amazing shot! That’s definitely not a normal wave. It almost looks like the birth of a water spout.

  3. I like how the spray is being lit by the sun and how the wave is immersed still in the shadows. It shows a lot of emotion to me.

  4. Excellent water shot, thanks so much for sharing.


  5. Wow! Just wow! That’s a wonderful photo 🙂

  6. Great action in this shot, wave breaking up and the leftovers blown away. Nice light too 🙂

  7. Very unusual and unique – looks like the water is erupting just in that one spot – big rock hidden under all that spray? Of course, it could be that the water fairies decided to put on a show for you and your camera…

  8. Den var praktfull! Jeg har prøvd og vet hvor vanskelig det kan være.


  9. Wonderful photo Rune! Really special.

  10. his is a beauty! Love the colours and the reflection.

  11. So full of motion; wonderful

  12. Å! Dette hadde jeg ikke sett. «Fant» det på Glugg. Flott! Løper tilbake for å gi det/deg en stemme. Ler!

  13. A wonderful spray of water! Love the drama and the show.

  14. Hello! Thank you all for your visits and nice comments! I am very glad you like my photos :o) Have a nice weekend, and welcome back!

    Anne Sophie: Takk 🙂

  15. You’re a wonderful photographer. Thank you for sharing your photographs.

  16. Så utrolig stemningsfullt og vakkert. Blir rolig av å se på dette nydelige bildet! Happy SWF og god helg!

  17. Great photos. It is so tranquil. I love it.
    Have a great sky watch week.
    Mid Missouri, USA

  18. Very dynamic photo. Love the header too. Always wanted to go to Norway but never could arrange it. A very beautiful nation. Although my college was founded there and moved her to the states. (Luther College) God Jul and Godt Nytt Ar. –Hope I said that right.

  19. Spennende! Er ikke hav og bølger fascinerende motiver? Jeg blir aldri lei. Og dette var så absolutt et av de bedre.

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