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  1. Flotte farger og fin speiling i vannet. Likte designet på siden din her. God helg og en riktig god jul.

  2. what a lovely photo, I love the colours and I love the reflection in the lake.

    Gill in Canada

  3. Her åndet det virkelig fred og ro – langt vekke fra julemas og -kav.

    Nydelig speilbilde.

  4. beautiful image , I love the colors…

  5. Jeg liker solnedganger og soloppganger, fargerne er meget flotte.

  6. Beautiful, almost fairy-tale like.

  7. Oh, I love those trees against such colours. A beautiful image!

  8. Ett mycket vackert fotografi igen. Färgerna är ypperliga. Du har även andra väldigt fina foton här märkte jag. Det sprutande vattnet mot strandklippan är väldigt fint det också.

    God jul

  9. Fantastic picture with wonderful colours!

  10. simply beautiful. see you next week.

  11. serene and lovely colors

  12. Amazing shot Rune, love it.

  13. very beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  14. Et bilde som gir ro i sjelen,Rune.

  15. Excellent photograph. great shot.

  16. Aldeles nydelig Rune.Takk for kommentar på min billedblogg!

  17. Beautiful skies. So pretty with those pinks, oranges and blues.

  18. Beautiful! Love the soft colors and the reflection.

  19. All of your work looks wonderful. In this photo I like how what’s left of the light is still reflecting off of the water. Excellent.

  20. Your pictures are absolutely stunning and would make a gorgeous book. I enjoyed all that you posted this week. Happy SWF!

  21. beautiful sunset…love the colors 🙂
    happy friday.

  22. Perfect. Everthing about it is a knoockout.

  23. Hello! Thank you all for your visits and nice comments! 🙂 I am very glad you like my photo :o) Have a nice weekend, and welcome back!

  24. The colors in the photos are so pretty

  25. Not only do I like your sky watch but I love that wave below.

  26. Very beautiful photo!! I loved the reflections!

  27. Gorgeous double sky. Great capture.

  28. Fantastic shot, great composition and colors.

  29. Very attractive image.
    I enjoyed also the other fine photographs of your blog.

  30. Wonderful photo, that you for sharing.

  31. Another awesome photograph. You take such awesome pics, its always a pleasure to visit your blog.

  32. Trollsk stemning 🙂

  33. Love that reflection. Beautiful!!! Happy SWF. 🙂

  34. The balance, the depth of color, and the evening light are gorgeous.

  35. Beautiful reflection and colours !
    Happy sky watch friday
    and meery christmas.

  36. Wow. This is stunning.

  37. Rune, Beautiful. It is my plan to come and see thesse Norwegian skies for myself someday.

  38. Beautiful and mysterious! 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

  39. This… is why the word «breathtaking» was invented. Fine job! Very fine indeed!

  40. This is a great shot. Love the orange reflections.

  41. Very beautiful scenery. Love the lovely colours of the sky and the reflection in the water. Have a nice weekend.

  42. beautiful . . . and peaceful. Lovely reflections.

  43. you captured beautifuly!

  44. Beautiful reflection shot! Amazing sky! Truly magnificent capture!

  45. Virkelig stemningsfullt himmelbilde. Gir meg en følelse av å være et sted uti en fredelig skog med bare naturlyder rundt meg. Det ånder fred og tilfredshet av dette bildet.

  46. This makes me want to pray and I’m not even religious!

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