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Why is the sky colorized?

On its way through the atmosphere some light rays are broken or shattered by molecules in the air, which brings colors to a blue sky and spectacular colors to the sunsets. It is the sun in combination with water and ice crystals in the clouds that generates these phenomenon’s with colorized clouds in various combinations and intensity.

During a sunset or sunrise the sun has up to 30 times the light distance from earth in comparison to mid day, and on its way the sunrays encounters everything from human made pollution, volcano eruptions, ash from fires with smoke and pollution from outer space. The light that we percept as white are a mixture of different colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. All the colors in the visual spectrum has its own wavelength where red and orange has the longest wavelengths and purple and indigo has the shortest. At sunset the sunrays meets way more molecules due to the longer distance, and disperses even more purple, yellow and green light. Because of this it’s only red and orange that are visible from the ground, and the same happens at sunrise. Its only when the sun is over the horizon that we can see the light as white.


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  1. åh vilken härlig bild 🙂 så vackert och rogivande….

    här är det bara dimma och tråkigt väder,, 🙂

    ha en skön kväll

  2. Fire in the sky! Simply wonderful.
    The scientific explanation is most interesting – thank you!

  3. Wow, fantastisk himmel 🙂

  4. Snadder dette, Rune!
    Flott skyer i nydelige farger!

  5. Nydleig Rune, vinterhimmel, helt klart 🙂

  6. Vilken härlig, dramatisk himmel. En bra vetenskaplig beskrivning också.
    Tur att jag inte är med för alla skulle ledsna på en jämngrå bild.
    Jag är glad för alla dina positiva kommentarer.

  7. Lovely photo and great explanation for why we see such beautiful colours at sunrise and sunset.

  8. What a marvelous explanation of our skies beautiful colors! Thank you so much for that! And thank you for the gorgeous capture of the sky at it’s best and most colorful!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  9. That’s a stunning sky. Remarkable.

  10. Guu va läckert. Det ser ut som en målning med mycket färg på duken. Tack för titten.

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  13. Vilken vacker och dramatisk himmel du har fångat snyggt jobbat.

  14. Great lesson from your commentary.

    We don’t often get red, orange skies here.

  15. Kjempevakre farger på denne himmelen.

  16. Nice explanation and what a beautiful shot! Wow! Very nice.

  17. Amazing! Peaceful wonderful landscape.
    Ha en fin helg.

  18. Hej:)
    herre jisses .. vilka underbara bilder du har här på din blogg 🙂 Det var ju underbart att komma in hit och titta på alla de vackra bilder du har här 🙂
    Tusen tack för din fina kommentar hos mig 🙂

  19. What a magnificent sky! This is really spectacular! I love the cloud formations and the beautiful orange and yellow colors. Nice shot!

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    All the best
    Regina In Pictures

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    Happy weekend.

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    Useful note

  36. Rune: Beautiful colors in your photo and a super explanation of the happening.

  37. Vilken fantastisk bild.
    Din header är ju otroligt vacker också.

    ha en riktigt fin dag

  38. really beautiful photo and i like the information on why the colors of sunrise/sunset are reallyl spectacular.

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